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My Experience in Indonesia

I have spent 59 days discovering off the beaten paths in Indonesia.

The first 16 days with my best friends, the latter solo.

I have combined all my best Indonesian travel spots, booking links, hidden gems and 9 Pro Tips that I wish someone told me before starting my journey in one PDF guide.

Maximise your time and Save money

I would've saved +-5 days & approx. 260 Euros if I knew about those 9 Pro Tips upfront.


* Includes 2 bonus destinations totalling to 21 nights :)

Dear Traveller,

Send me a message after your travels, I would love to hear about your experiences and get your feedback on the guide.


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What's included in the guide?

  1. 💡 My 9 Pro Tips: Visa recommendations, where and how to best exchange money, transportation pricing, and the best food spots, ...

  2. 🗺 My Ultimate 16-Day Travel Itinerary: Explore Bali's top destinations.

    • Recommended Accommodations with convenient booking links.

    • Must-Do Activities and 💎 hidden gems for each destination.

    • Amazing Organizations for Volcano Hiking: Includes contact information.

    • Places to Avoid: Touristic spots to steer clear off.

    • Best restaurants pinned on an interactive Google Map on your phone.

    • Scooter Rental Prices: The best rates per island, negotiate with confidence.

  3. 🎒 The Bali Backpack Checklist: What to pack & what to leave at home.

  4. 2 bonus destinations (+5 nights = 21 nights in total)

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