If you could only film your wedding once,

how good would you want the wedding film to be?🎞

Owning a film of your life’s most precious moments is truly an investment from which you'll benefit for the rest of your life.

Alpha Motion specialises in cinematic filmmaking. We go the extra mile to guarantee top of the line wedding films. 

What our couples say...

The Prime Film Package

We strive for high quality captivating films, filled with emotions that will leave you speechless.

Our cinematic package includes the following:

Full day coverage

You don't get a second day like this (or at least we hope you don't). We value your whole day, we're there for you. 

Team of 2 Filmmakers

An additional cinematographer will significantly  improve the quality and quantity of your coverage. It really enhances the experience when watching the final film. 

Wedding Film (6-8min)

This length is perfect because it is long enough to include the entire story of your day yet short enough to captivate anyone. 

Professional gear / drone

We won't get geeky here, but our gear is nothing but the best. And yes of course, including an epic drone.

You can add multiple options to this package, even after the wedding:

  • Chaptered archive film (30-90min)

  • Speech films

  • Short versions for Instagram

  • The full ceremony

  • The flashmob act your friends organised 

  • Etc.


Say hi !

Reach out to us and it will be our pleasure to send you the detailed price list. 



The next step for ensuring amazing content of your special wedding day, is for you to fill in the application form under the tab "Let's talk"! 


Introduce yourself and please specify your wedding date and location(s) and other specifications we should know about. Next we will tell you more about our way of work and our pricing.


Looking forward to meet you soon,

Best regards,

Anthony Kadic

A great film, starts with a great conversation!

By email, text or FaceTime!

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