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Dear Traveller,

I offer you my Bali guide for free. I wish you a lot of fun and trust that it will help you tremendously!🤗


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The Benefits: Some tips will save you considerably amounts of money, most will save you time & some will spare you from headaches. But most importantly, this list will show you hidden gems and tips to avoid crowds of tourists!


Are you ready to truly enjoy Indonesia?


My PDF includes:

  1. My 9 Pro Tips: Visa recommendations, transportation bargain pricing, how to have more IDR per EUR, ...
  2. My Ultimate 16-Day Travel Itinerary: Explore Bali's top destinations.
    • My Recommended Accommodations: Personally curated list with convenient links.

    • The best activities at each destination.

    • Amazing Organizations for Volcano Hiking: Includes contact information.

    • Places to Avoid: Touristic spots to steer clear off.

    • Best restaurants pinned on an interactive Google Map on your phone.

  3. Scooter Rental Prices: The best rates per island, negotiate with confidence.
  4. The Backpack Checklist: Essentials to pack for your Bali adventure.
  5. 2 bonus destinations (+5 nights = 21 nights in total)


Feel free to DM me on Instagram if you have any questions.


Thank you very much for your download & your support!! You are truly amazing!! 🤗

Save time & money with My Ultimate 16-day Bali Itinerary & 9 Pro Tips

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