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Uw trouwfeest verdiend de beste film.

Jullie trouwdag zal een van de mooiste momenten in jullie leven zijn. Er is geen betere manier om deze herinneringen te blijven koesteren dan met een prachtige trouwfilm. Jullie trouwfilm van cinematische kwaliteit representeert de highlights van jullie liefdesverhaal. U krijgt slechts 1x de kans in jullie leven om deze investering te maken maar onze films werpen hun vruchten gedurende de rest van jullie lovestory en in jullie volgende generaties. 


Alpha Motion specialiseert zich in het vertellen van jullie lovestory verbonden met cinematische filmbeelden. We nemen geen genoegen met een eenvoudige huwelijksdocumentaire. We zijn toegewijd om de mooiste trouwfilms te maken.


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Our offer

The Cinematic Film Package

To guarantee quality and reliability we offer one premium wedding video package that can be further customized. The package includes the following:

15+ hours of coverage

We don't count our hours, we're there the whole day for you because we want to create a visual art and artists don't count. Typically we would arrive before the bride finishes her makeup and end around 1 a.m. Thus, we capture every moment of your day.

Team of 2 Filmmakers

An additional cinematographer will improve the quality and quantity of your coverage. Archive films especially benefit due to the ability to shoot multiple angles during the first look, ceremony, toasts and dances.

Wedding Film (6-8min)

This length is perfect because it is long enough to include the entire story of the day but short enough to captivate anyone. Ideal to share on social media.

Professional gear

The best gear such as the DJI Phantom 4 for cinematic aerial, multiple cameras with 4K-resolution option, multiple qualitative audio recorders, ...

This video package can be customized with a chaptered archive film (30-60min), song licenses for sharing on social media (preventing copyright claims), a speech film, short versions for Instagram, a third cinematographer, etc. For an amazing and original experience we offer Same Day Edits too. We hereby film, produce and present your wedding film on the same day, usually just after the desert.

If you're interested in a fabulous film of your special wedding day, just send us an email! Please specify your particular interest, your wedding date and location(s), any other specifications we should know about. Next we will set up a time to talk in person. 


It would be my pleasure to meet you and talk about your great wedding plans and share ideas. This is the ideal way to take a look at the 'a la carte' price list to custom tailor a wedding video package that suits your type of wedding, requirements and budget.

Thank you,

Anthony Kadic


A great film, starts with a great conversation!

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