Alpha Motion wants to help you and your clients, by creating content which tells your ideas, passion and success. 



Some things are just better from a different point of view.


Everything is best presented through a professional film with striking visuals that 

compel your target audience to learn

more about your company.


Our creative minds & high quality gear will provide you with the 😯 images you need. 

What We Do




At Alpha Motion, we believe in designing the concept through a collaborative  process that incorporates your unique vision. Through developing a comprehensive plan for filming, we ensure seamless and efficient video production. 

Meet The Team

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Anthony Kadic

With a passion for videography, Anthony started the company in his Masters Business Engineering, with the goal of creating stunning video content marketing.

Laura Konickx

Powered by a passion for creative imagination and graphic design thinking, Laura always tries to push the envelope when it comes to conceptualize original projects.


 Adeline de Clippele

Adeline, our newest team member. What started as a hobby led her here. She loves travelling and she's eager to create something for you!

Jens Lemmens

Jens has an eye for detail and a creative mindset, therefore he enjoys writing scripts and setting up the scenes.

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